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Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction, Volume 2 

Finally, a companion book to our first very popular book on building carriage and wagon wheels! 
What more is there to say about wheelwrighting, you ask?  This book focuses on the other knowledge needed to operate a wheelwright shop.

Book 2 Cover showing Red River Cart spider

Here are some of the topics:
Making spring wagon brakes and installing cable and hydraulic brakes
-  Building hardtops and recovering folding tops
-  Building poles and shafts
-  Building buggy and wagon seats
-  More on wheel building methods including hubs
-  Building essential equipment for a shop including spoke tenoning machines, tire rollers, rubber tire machines, tire closures and hub borers  
-  Types of wood used in carriage making and wood preparation in different climates
-  PLUS: Instruction on building an entire Red River Cart and a Buckboard
-  Appendices include important information on resources for Wheelwrights

·   Written in collaboration with knowledgeable wheelwrights from Canada and USA
·   Filled with over 300 drawings and photos
Coil binding—it will lay flat when open on workbench; 341 pages packed with information
·   You will NOT find this information all in one place available anywhere else — making this a MUST HAVE reference

Wheelwrighting: A Modern Introduction, 2nd Edition

This general reference book is accessible to beginners while at the same time challenging to intermediate level wheelwrights. Lots of information—the chapters guide the reader through the steps in building spiders—the first step in wheel building—for Sarven hubs, bolted hubs, wagon hubs and carriage hubs. Subsequent chapters follow the progressive steps in wheel construction, from pointing and tenoning spokes to installing felloes and setting tires. There is a chapter on boring and boxing hubs to complete the wheel building sequence. A large number of appendices provide additional information on where to find wheelwright training, reference information for wheelwrights, measured drawings for building wheelwrighting tools, as well as technical sections on such topics as dish. Carriage wheels, carriage hubs, wagon wheels, general Wheelwrighting and Wheelwright training – this book has it covered.

Cover Book 1 showing several spiders

Here are some of the topics:

-  Building and repairing a Sarven Wheel
-  Building Common Hubs
Putting on Felloes (Rims) and Setting Tires

-  Putting on Rubber Tires
Building Canon Wheels
Explanation of 'dish'
Diagrams on how to build tools 
Drying Wood

Resources for Wheelwrights, including where to get training

Still a very popular book even after 14 years!!!   
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·  Written in collaboration with knowledgeable wheelwrights from Canada and USA

·  370 pages including 147 drawings and 230 photos

·  Coil binding - it will lay flat when open on workbench; 341 pages packed with information

·  The Most Comprehensive Book on building carriage and wagon wheels - EVER!

Looking for Appendix G, mentioned in the book but it is nowhere to be found???  CLICK HERE
(Some of our first printings omitted this appendix but it is now there and can also be found in our second book.
Appendix G is a chart that will help you determine the spacing of the spokes within the fellows when making a wheel.

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